Kindly read in full before attempting connection with Me.


My clientele are very select, and very few. I like to count My devotees among My friends, therefore you and I must develop an interesting rapport (via email) prior to any meeting. This anticipation simply inspires a more exciting session and mutual understanding, wouldn’t you agree?  

You may email Me, introduce yourself, share what inspires you to connect with Me; previous experience (if any); limitations; what you hope to achieve by knowing Me, and why I should care. I will protect your secrets.

There will be no same-day booking requests, especially if I do not know you yet (you leap to My summons, not vice versa). However, if you have earned a place within My inner circle (a true privilege indeed), only then I may be bribed into striking while your iron is hot. My subordinates whom have proven their sincerity and dedication are gifted My private phone number to use, but dare not abuse it.


Please note that I am relaxed in My response times - this is because I already live a lifestyle to which I have become accustomed and although I respect you and your timeframe, I simply prioritise My existing worshippers. I mean you no discourtesy. Much thought is given to your messages, and I am particular in My reply. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: I am affiliated only with the following sites:

Instagram eva_strangelove (I frequent this app).



Facebook, Twitter and ModelMayhem, I own very old accounts but I do not use them - and I absolutely do not appear on any dating site/app whatsoever.


If you discover online profiles with My appearance anywhere other than these few locations, I assure you it is not Me. My likeness on any clear Escort site is definitely not Me.


Thank you, little ones. Happy writing!