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My name is Eva Strangelove, professional & lifestyle DOMINATRIX. I am a well-read & passionate storyteller; ten-time award-winning burlesque performer; conspiracy theorist; alchemist; and Queen of passive and active aggression. My multi-faceted outlook and commanding yet compassionate nature, make my company captivating and my presence enchanting.

My worldly theater background as a burlesque showgirl; stunt-coordinator; event producer; costumier and prop engineer- combined with 17 years in customer service; hospitality; retail & sales -have instilled in me a wide spectrum of empathy & sympathy, balanced with qualifications & competence, matched with a professional title: Director of Compliance--Direct of Your Compliance to be exact.
You may address me as Empress Eva. Do so when you reach out to me.

I am as adept with a quip as I am with the whip--indeed my strengths span command of language; creative imagination, confident leadership and a razor-sharp wit that is sure to subdue you. My aim is always sure and true.

In my world, you may expect a fully immersive, engaging, cerebral experience that will have you bound, beheld, and [maybe] a little bruised.

Ingenuity and aptitude to adapt and improvise, is what propels me to excel as a lifelong dynamic creator.
Titilating stories for the mind and from the spirit are what shape my approach to my sessions. It serves me the unique edge that allows me to leave a defined mark across your heart, and your backside.
I know the ropes and will not buckle under pressure. But YOU will.

Trust me with discretion, creativity, openness, and non-judgement.